Choosing an employer is an important decision.

We have adopted the philosophy of continuous improvement which has influenced a work environment where everyone has input and is involved in answering the question – how can we do this better? We do this with our residents in mind, knowing that if we continually improve, the results will be:

  • Exceptional resident service
  • Employees who love their work!

We pay great wages and you’ll work with awesome people just like yourself, but choosing an employer is about more. Here are a few of the exceptional options we offer:

  • Paid Time Off (PTO) and Holidays that equal 21 days in the first year of employment. (This accrual based on full-time hours)
  • Shift Differentials paid for PMs and Night Shifts are pretty typical; and, we also pay shift differentials after working just an hour into the Shift, rather than only when you are scheduled for the Shift.
  • Accrue PTO while using PTO. You can go on vacation and you’ll still be earning PTO.
  • Part-time employees earn 7% additional pay on hourly rate.
  • PRN or casual employees earn 15% additional pay on hourly rate.
  • Your career is important – All Eventide employees have access to a variety of training and development opportunities that can impact your overall career.
  • Extended Illness Bank hours are accrued by full-time employees for income replacement in case of short-term disability situations.

There are many reasons to choose Eventide as your next employer and we’d love the opportunity to have a conversation with you. Contact us today.

Everything we do is focused on our shared vision of high quality resident service and we know we’ll only realize that by working with the most talented and committed people.