When Is Home Care Needed?

shutterstock_118880965Sometimes it’s obvious home health care is needed. Perhaps your parent was in the hospital and has been discharged, but requires skilled nursing or therapy until they’ve completely recovered. These services can be provided at home, whether home is a private residence, apartment, condo, or assisted living facility

But sometimes it’s harder to know whether a loved one needs help to safely remain in their home.

Genn Bervig, director of Admissions and Social Services at Eventide, offers a few tips that may clue you into whether a loved one needs some support services at home:

  • Look in the fridge and cupboards. Are there old or expired items? Do they have enough food and nutritious food available?
  • Are medications being taken on time? Is your parent taking expired medications? Are they taking all their medications?
  • Check out the bathroom and bedroom. Are there any signs of incontinence?
  • Look around the house and at your parent or friend. Are things clean? Are they bathing regularly and keeping clothes clean? Do they have any skin break down (sores) from poor hygiene?
  • Ask your aging senior when they last saw a physician. Are they making it to their medical appointments?
  • Take your parent for a drive. Let them drive and navigate. How do they do?
  • Talk to your loved one’s neighbors. They often know things and see things that you don’t. Also, your parents may mention something to them that they wouldn’t mention to an adult child.

“Observe with your eyes wide open,” Bervig says. “Be open to want you might see and not just what you want to see.”

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