What Types of Home Care Are Available?

There are basically three kinds of home care: skilled home health care, non-skilled home health care and homemaking duties.

Skilled home health care is prescribed by a doctor when someone has a short-term need for nursing care, therapy or support services. A typical situation is that someone has been hospitalized and must continue healing at home.

Research shows that patients recovering from illness, injury or surgery heal more quickly and more successfully at home, says Cassie Mack, director of Ethos Home Care (a partnership of Eventide, Bethany and Knute Nelson).

Ethos provides skilled nursing care (management of chronic illness, IV therapy, wound management, medication management and education), home health aide services (to assist with activities of daily living), and therapy services (physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy) at home.

“A large focus area for our clinicians is providing education to clients and their families”, Mack says. “Safety is very important to us. Often our physical therapists and occupational therapists will complete a one-time safety evaluation to ensure the client has what they need to remain safe in their home.”

Ethos also offers technology systems to help keep aging seniors safe at home. For example, a personal alert system can be used to alert someone should the senior fall. Or maybe a tool is needed to assist with medication management.

“Our whole philosophy is that you are your best advocate and the owner of your health,” says Tammy Lopez, community liaison for Ethos. “We do what we can to honor your wishes.”

If an aging person needs only non-skilled services, there are services available for homemaking and personal care. Home health aides can help with activities of daily living, such as bathing, skin care, and even getting dressed. Aides also may assist with homemaking duties such as light housecleaning, laundry and meal preparation.

It might take some coordination and some work, but finding services to remain in one’s home can be a gratifying solution for everyone.

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