Visitation is open: Reuniting residents with their families and friends

This pandemic has been a long road for everyone, and while we are not to the end of that road yet, the ride has become a bit smoother and brighter. Residents in long term care communities have profoundly been affected by COVID-19. Lockdowns and restrictions have led to many residents experiencing isolation. While staff at Eventide have been creative and tried their best to counter the effects of isolation for those we care for, it could never be the same as our residents being able to see their family and loved ones face-to-face. Since the start of COVID-19, we’ve been able to offer compassionate care visits and virtual visits through technology we put in place as soon as the pandemic hit. Today, we are pleased that families and friends are once again welcome to visit the residents in our communities on a regular basis.

Why is visitation available now?

There are a few factors that have made it possible for us to welcome families and friends back into our communities. The number of COVID-19 cases in the counties where we serve have decreased and are considered low risk. Additionally, as long as there are no cases of COVID-19 in a facility, visitation is allowed. We continue to test on a regular basis and if a resident or staff member should test positive, that building will have to limit visitation once again until it has been COVID-19 free for two weeks.

The COVID-19 vaccine is an important contributing factor in our communities offering visitation. We have held vaccine clinics at each of our locations and continue to encourage new residents and employees to get the vaccine. It is our greatest hope of keeping COVID-19 out of our communities.

What does visitation look like?

Visitation can be scheduled at each Eventide community – you can find information here to schedule a visit and find information here on our visitation guidelines. When arriving at one of our communities, a visitor will screen in (this includes answering questions and having his/her temperature taken). Once the screening is approved, the visitor will be able to visit their loved one. Masks are required and we encourage visitors to have a recent COVID-19 test. Information for testing can also be found on our website. We also offer BinaxNOW (rapid) test at our sites. Testing gives peace of mind to all involved – the visitor will be confident knowing they will not spread COVID-19 to anyone in our buildings.

Activities and communal dining resume

Not only are residents now enjoying visits from their families and friends, but they are also participating in activities and social gatherings – all in a safe environment. In following Department of Health guidelines, we have been able to bring back some of these normalcies and our residents and families could not be happier! Communal dining has also resumed at some Eventide locations and will soon start again at others.

If you have questions about visitation, please refer to the contact information here.