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Eventide to discontinue services at Eventide Fairmont

The organization is working with a local developer on next chapter of the historic building’s legacy

(July 7, 2021, Moorhead, MN) – Eventide Senior Living Communities has determined it will discontinue assisted living and senior services at its Eventide Fairmont location in Moorhead. A recent pipe leak that led to major water damage expedited the decision that has been part of the organization’s long-term plan.

“We have known for some time that the Eventide Fairmont building would eventually not allow us to meet the needs of our residents,” Jon Riewer, president and CEO, explained. “With the recent water damage event, we had to take a hard look at the future of the Fairmont and how it aligns with our mission to best serve older adults.”

The organization cites several reasons as to why it is choosing to discontinue services at Eventide Fairmont at this time. The building layout, particularly the East addition, is unable to be reconfigured to meet the needs of residents. The building lacks common spaces and amenities, and also does not have a commercial kitchen and the majority of the apartments do not have kitchens, all of which do not lend to the quality of care the organization wants to provide its residents. Another major reason is the inability to remodel to meet the new building code and regulations that will be required by the state of Minnesota as of August 1.

“The investment required to make these changes is well beyond what makes sense financially or programmatically,” said Riewer. “The needs and wants of today’s older adults continue to evolve and it is our responsibility to respond.”

Eventide is hoping to have resident transitions completed within 90 days, but will not complete transfer of ownership until all residents have been relocated. Eventide’s top priority at this time is the current residents of Eventide Fairmont and helping them transition to a new home. All memory care residents will have the opportunity to transfer to the new memory care addition at The Linden in Moorhead. Eventide will be able to relocate several apartment residents to apartments at The Linden and will work with other senior living communities in Moorhead to find available apartments. Management will be meeting with each resident to develop a relocation plan. All staff at Eventide Fairmont will be able to transfer to the Eventide on Eighth campus in Moorhead or one of the other Eventide locations in the FMWF community.

For many years, the Fairmont allowed the organization to care for seniors with limited financial resources. Eventide plans to continue working with Clay County to offer elderly waiver in a portion of the Linden apartments at the Eventide on Eighth campus in Moorhead. Eventide also manages The Living Center on their Moorhead campus which offers HUD housing to older adults.

Eventide is working to sell the historic Fairmont building to a local developer who has experience in preserving historic buildings and will ensure the legacy of the Fairmont continues.

“We are grateful for our time at Eventide Fairmont and that it allowed us to serve many residents over the years and we are confident that the new owner will take a special interest in the next chapter of the Fairmont Creamery building,” said Riewer. “Selling the Fairmont allows our organization to focus on additional growth and investment on our Eighth Street campus in Moorhead, which will best serve our community’s older adults of today and tomorrow.”

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