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Places to go. People to see.

Whether we're catching a live music event or attending an Eventide University educational class, we infuse daily living with a healthy mix of relaxation and energy. While each of our communities has its own personality and preferences, we aim to offer a wide array of activities and life-enriching programs to daily life at Eventide.

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Staff at Eventide is responsible for creating an environment that helps everyone feel included, safe and happy. That means our dining crew, RNs, CNAs, life enrichment coordinators, physical therapists, chaplains, and members of our leadership team are involved in daily activities and events.

Eventide is one of few communities in the northern plains to offer certified music therapy. This powerful program utilizes singing, dancing and a variety of instruments that are clinically proven to promote physical and emotional healing.

A flagship program committed to lifelong learning and curiosity, Eventide University brings local experts to our communities for interesting lectures and lively discussions about everything from beer brewing to art history.

With a focus on all aspects of well-being, residents improve their daily lives in ways that are as unique and special as they are. From spiritual care to physical activity, Wellness at Eventide is all about experiencing daily life at its best.

Eventide Foundation is the nonprofit arm of our organization, charged with raising money to support a variety of programs in each of our communities, such as adaptive bicycles and special events.

Daydream Project gives residents the opportunity to make one of their dreams come true. Past Daydream Projects have included outings to baseball games, family reunions, a night out dancing, concerts, and even a helicopter ride.

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