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The Eventide care model centers around a six-faceted approach to total wellness. Each component focuses on strengthening areas of physical, intellection, social, occupational, spiritual and emotional well-being. Based on Dr. Bill Hettler’s work as co-founder of the National Wellness Institute, the six dimensions of whole-person wellness is a healthy living model used by many organizations and communities like Eventide. 

Total wellness is an individual journey. With our six-faceted approach to wellness, residents have the tools to empower their unique health and happiness.

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We understand the importance of offering a wide array of physical activities to our residents, such as group fitness classes like Forever Fit and yoga to walking clubs. Group and one-on-one sessions are available daily.

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Our life enrichment teams offer residents a variety of games and activities to challenge and stimulate the mind. Brain-boosting games, challenges, contests, lectures and discussions are just a few of the ways we foster strong minds.

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Eventide residents choose how social they want to be, though we strive to offer something for everyone. We're always ready to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and there's always a table of folks enjoying coffee and cards together.

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We keep residents functioning at their physical best with occupational therapy and education. This safety-minded program emphasizes mobility, balance, strength and fun.

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We offer support for faith and spiritual journeys of all cultures and backgrounds. Most of our communities have onsite nondenominational chaplains and dedicated spiritual spaces.

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From reminiscing time to music therapy to chair yoga, we offer mood-enhancing activities that encourage communication, personal expression and other facets of healthy emotional well-being.

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