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A few of my favorite things: Eventide residents reminisce about holiday gift giving

From giving jewelry to receiving a beloved winter coat, our Eventide residents have had a great time reminiscing about some of their favorite gifts this holiday season. 

Thanks to help from our life enrichment teams in our Fargo, Devils Lake and Moorhead communities, we were able to capture some responses for everyone to enjoy. 

No matter how you celebrate the season, Happy Holidays from Eventide Senior Living Communities!

Resident’s name: Bea C.

What was your favorite gift you ever received or gave?
Giving my daughters jewelry

How old were you?
In my 40s

Where were you?
Dickinson, ND

Why is it your favorite?
I love to get jewelry so I love to give jewelry, too, especially to my two daughters.

Resident’s name: Ron Metcalf

What was your favorite gift you ever received or gave?
A red wagon

How old were you?
8 or 9

Where were you?
On the farm

Why is it your favorite?
My brothers and I used it to haul things to the field to build forts with.

Resident’s name: Tom McLean

What was your favorite gift you ever received or gave?
A yellow bike

How old were you?
8-10 years old

Where were you?
Los Angeles

Why is it your favorite?
I’d always wanted a bike to peddle around on.

Resident’s name: Mae Soper

What was your favorite gift you ever received or gave?
Homemade treats made by my mother during Easter time.

Why is it your favorite?
We were poor growing up, so this time of year was more special to us. We had Easter caps we would leave out and Mother would fill them up for us. Even the candy was homemade.

Resident’s name: Ivanelle “Ivy” R.

What was your favorite gift you ever received or gave?
A new coat. It was light brown, had a button closure, and came with a matching stocking cap.

How old were you?

Where were you?
On the family farm in Revillo, SD

Why is it your favorite?
It was mine and it was something I didn’t have to share it!

Resident’s name: Beth D.

What was your favorite gift you ever received or gave?

Received: during the Depression, we ice skated everyday- I always had to wear my brothers outgrown overalls, we put wool and layers of anything in them to keep warm. That year, I got snowpants—wine colored- from JcPenny’s! They had such soft inside lining.

Another favorite gift when I was younger … My mother was a teacher- she would go to Northern School Supply-most teachers went here to decorate their rooms. She got me a blackboard and colored chalk. We would sit on the floor and make pictures, especially with a little boy across the street. Making pictures with white and colored chalk..which was my favorite!

Additional fun fact about this present: Beth has since turned around and a few years ago gave one to some of her grandkids!

How old were you? In the grades

Where were you? My home, in Moorhead

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