COVID-19 and Senior Living: A family member’s perspective

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COVID-19 and Senior Living: A family member’s perspective

Lonna Dehn Ristvedt has shared the experience of her mother living at Eventide Sheyenne Crossings before and during this time of COVID-19 restrictions.

“Our mother has been at Sheyenne Crossings for almost a year now. It was a hard transition of course, with leaving what was a comfortable routine and friends to start a new life. That’s hard at any age but especially when you’re in your 80’s. From the first day, of having a welcome sign with her name on it on her door, to staff stopping by to introduce themselves, and a  resident being assigned to take mom to gatherings, meals and introducing her around until she felt comfortable, right up to the many special safety changes in care they have implemented with this confinement situation, Eventide has been great!

If there are concerns about any of her care needs or things she is worried about, the staff is amazing to listen and call to advise or ask our input. I don’t mean just staff but the administrator and head nurse too. The even stronger testimony has come through this Covid-19 environment with residents being confined to their rooms or apartments to keep them safe. Each day when I talk to mom, she repeats how grateful she is to be where she is. She shares how caring the staff are, checking on her, fixing some little thing she might be struggling with, delivering meals to her door and having breakfast on the table when she wakes up. While she is lonely for family, these staff members are quick to offer a smile, share conversation to build her up, and be so attentive to her welfare by advising my family if there is any situation they are concerned about they think we should know, and value our input.  They really make us feel like she is the most important resident there.

Eventide Sheyenne Crossings is a most welcoming place and under normal circumstances, offers great entertainment opportunities as well as many other informational programs for residents and a beautiful cheerful environment. With their facility offering assisted living apartments, nursing home and dementia services, we felt Mom would never have to make another major move, no matter  how her needs changed. My whole family is so glad we chose Sheyenne Crossings for our mom!”

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