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COVID-19 Update 5-15-20

Dear Families and Friends,

We have received many of the results from our widespread testing at our Moorhead locations and for the first time feel we are in a place where we can best manage COVID-19 at our Eventide on Eighth care center. The knowledge we have gained from regular testing at our Eventide Fargo campus has enabled us to contain the virus and now we can work to do the same in Moorhead.

With the results we’ve received, we have confirmed seven additional residents with COVID-19 and three more staff. This means we currently have 27 active cases in residents and 20 active cases in staff in our Eventide on Eighth care center (9 results pending). There are no cases at The Linden or The Fairmont (some results still pending). Residents who are positive with COVID-19 are cohorted in an isolated unit and positive staff are in self-quarantine. Recoveries in staff and residents are identified after two consecutive negative test results.

Now that we have a clear picture of what we are dealing with at Eventide on Eighth, the most important next step is regular follow-up testing. As we have learned with our North Dakota locations, in order to continue to find success in containing the virus, we need to retest often. We are hoping to confirm a date for the next widespread testing soon.

The team at Eventide on Eighth care center, The Linden and The Fairmont completed over 800 tests on Wednesday and Thursday. They created an efficient operation and got the job done without utilizing any outside sources. I commend the team at Eventide on Eighth for the incredibly difficult work they have been doing over the past few weeks. They have done an incredible job in providing compassionate care while fighting the virus that has essentially been invisible until now.

Recurring testing continues in our North Dakota locations. Eventide Fargo care center has had three testing events and is scheduled to have another next week. Eventide Fargo senior living apartments has conducted widespread testing twice. Eventide Sheyenne Crossings has had two campus-wide testing days and our locations in Jamestown and Devils Lake have each had one widespread testing event. Retesting at Eventide Jamestown and Eventide Downtown in Devils Lake are planned for next week. In addition to mass testing, each campus regularly tests units where COVID-19 is present and residents and staff who are symptomatic. Regular testing at each of our facilities is our most important tool in combatting COVID-19.

The following is an update of active and inactive cases* at our locations:

Eventide Fargo: 3 active residents, 10 active staff, 11 inactive residents and 6 inactive staff in care center; 3 active staff and 0 active residents in senior living apartments.

Eventide Sheyenne Crossings in West Fargo: 3 active staff and 1 active resident in care center; 0 active residents and 2 active staff in senior living apartments.

Eventide on Eighth in Moorhead: 27 active residents, 20 active staff, 8 inactive residents and 3 inactive staff in care center; 0 active residents or staff cases in senior living apartments.

Eventide Fairmont in Moorhead: No cases. (Some test results pending.)

Eventide Jamestown: 1 active staff and 0 active residents in care center; 0 active residents or staff in senior living apartments.

Eventide Heartland in Devils Lake: No cases.

Eventide Downtown in Devils Lake: 2 active staff; 2 active residents.

Eventide Lake Country Manor in Devils Lake: No cases.

Thank you to all those who advocated for testing in long-term care facilities in Moorhead. We are very appreciative of all of the effort that went into making this happen.


Jon Riewer, President and CEO

*Active cases include current positive cases in residents and staff. Inactive cases include resident recoveries, discharges, and those who have passed away, as well as employees who have recovered or left employment. We will not give information on deaths due to confidentiality and respect for residents and their families. The numbers on health.nd.gov are cumulative and do not account for recoveries, deaths, discharges, and other status changes. Please refer to our updates for accurate information on active cases.

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