COVID-19 Update 5-20-20

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COVID-19 Update 5-20-20

Dear families and friends,

As we continue our work in protecting our residents and staff during this pandemic, we pause now and again to celebrate the dedication of our employees and strong spirit of our residents. To date, we have had the opportunity to celebrate 30 recoveries among our residents and staff. Thank you to our #EventideHeroes who have provided quality care and continue to take on the challenges of combating COVID-19. Thank you to our residents and families who continue to support one another and our staff during this difficult time of restricted visits.

For the safety and health of our residents, we continue to follow recommendations from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Reopening Recommendations were released this week and it is recommended that for the time being we keep our current restrictions in place. I realize that these measures are unprecedented and isolation is a concern. Our staff works hard to come up with creative opportunities to keep residents engaged and as active as possible. While socialization is not the same as it was prior to the pandemic, there is more engagement than individuals would experience if isolated at home. Many of our campuses are working on offering hair care soon, reopening wellness centers and encouraging residents to go outdoors when the weather is nice. As conditions improve, we will be able to ease on restrictions, but for now, I hope getting a few of these normalcies back helps.

The following is an update of active and inactive cases* at our locations:

Eventide Fargo: 3 active residents, 6 active staff, 11 inactive residents and 11 inactive staff in care center; 3 active staff and 0 active residents in senior living apartments.

Eventide Sheyenne Crossings in West Fargo: 1 active resident, 3 active staff, 2 inactive staff in care center; 0 active residents and 2 active staff in senior living apartments.

Eventide on Eighth in Moorhead: 26 active residents, 19 active staff, 13 inactive residents and 7 inactive staff in care center; 0 active residents or staff cases in senior living apartments.

Eventide Fairmont in Moorhead: No cases.

Eventide Jamestown: 1 active staff and 0 active residents in care center; 0 active residents or staff in senior living apartments.

Eventide Heartland in Devils Lake: No cases.

Eventide Downtown in Devils Lake: 1 active resident, 1 inactive resident and 2 inactive staff.

Eventide Lake Country Manor in Devils Lake: No cases.


Jon Riewer, President and CEO

*Active cases include current positive cases in residents and staff. Inactive cases include resident recoveries, discharges, and those who have passed away, as well as employees who have recovered or left employment. We will not give information on deaths due to confidentiality and respect for residents and their families. The numbers on health.nd.gov are cumulative and do not account for recoveries, deaths, discharges, and other status changes. Please refer to our updates for accurate information on active cases.


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