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COVID-19 Update 5-29-20

Dear Families and Friends,

It has been almost three months since our organization began working to prevent and ultimately manage COVID-19. A lot has changed since early March when we implemented precautions and enhanced infection control measures. As I reflect on the past few months, I am proud of our team for stepping up to this great challenge and am grateful for what we have learned along the way.

Widespread testing and personal protective equipment (PPE) have proven to be our greatest tools to date. When considering the different scenarios at our campuses, it is clear that testing has made the difference in mitigating the spread of COVID-19. Eventide Fargo care center had its first positive resident on April 10. Eventide on Eighth care center confirmed its first positive resident on April 17. You will see in the numbers below that as of today, Eventide Fargo care center has two positive residents and Eventide on Eighth care center has 24. Eventide Fargo was able to start widespread testing soon after confirmation of their first positive case, while Eventide on Eighth had to wait.

Eventide Fargo was able to conduct widespread testing at its campus on April 17 and has since conducted three additional testing events. Eventide on Eighth was unable to test until May 14 and 15, creating a lag in identifying all positive cases. Until this testing was done, we did not have the knowledge needed to cohort all positive residents and furlough all positive employees. Now that regular testing is being performed at our Moorhead facilities, we are working to mitigate the spread.

Although the cases identified at both Eventide Fargo and Eventide on Eighth were only a week apart, the timeliness in testing made for different trajectories for each campus. Recurring widespread testing at Eventide Sheyenne Crossings and Eventide Downtown in Devils Lake has proven a successful tool as both campuses, which once had one and two positive residents, currently have zero residents with COVID-19. Testing also continues at our other campuses per recommendation of the North Dakota and Minnesota Departments of Health.

The following is an update of active and inactive cases* at our locations:

Eventide Fargo: 2 active residents, 7 active staff, 12 inactive residents and 13 inactive staff in care center; 3 active staff and 0 active residents in senior living apartments.

Eventide Sheyenne Crossings in West Fargo: 0 active residents, 1 inactive resident, 1 active staff, 3 inactive staff in care center; 0 active residents and 3 active staff in senior living apartments.

Eventide on Eighth in Moorhead: 24 active residents, 27 active staff, 22 inactive residents and 14 inactive staff in care center; 1 active residents or staff cases in senior living apartments.

Eventide Fairmont in Moorhead: 2 active employees, 0 active residents.

Eventide Jamestown: 2 active staff and 0 active residents in care center; 0 active residents or staff in senior living apartments.

Eventide Heartland in Devils Lake: No cases.

Eventide Downtown in Devils Lake: 0 active resident, 0 active employee, 2 inactive resident and 2 inactive staff.

Eventide Lake Country Manor in Devils Lake: No cases.

Thank you for your continued support of our residents and staff.


Jon Riewer, President and CEO

*Active cases include current positive cases in residents and staff. Inactive cases include resident recoveries, discharges, and those who have passed away, as well as employees who have recovered or left employment. We will not give information on deaths due to confidentiality and respect for residents and their families. The numbers on health.nd.gov are cumulative and do not account for recoveries, deaths, discharges, and other status changes. Please refer to our updates for accurate information on active cases.

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