COVID-19 Update 5-7-20

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COVID-19 Update 5-7-20


Dear Families and Friends,

Let’s start with some good news. It is National Nurses Week and I would like to not only thank all nurses, but especially our Eventide nurses. This year has brought great challenges and they have faced them head on with courage, compassion and expertise, always keeping our residents a priority.

Yesterday at Eventide Fargo, three residents celebrated recovery from COVID-19 and gave us permission to share their names and smiling faces. They too are #EventideHeroes and an inspiration to many. Residents and staff are considered recovered after receiving two negative test results.


The North Dakota Department of Health provided tests to Eventide’s three locations in Devils Lake last week. We did not have enough tests for all residents and staff at the time, but are completing testing today. Yesterday we received results for all of Eventide Lake Country Manor basic care and they were negative. It was confirmed that there are two staff members who tested positive at our Eventide Downtown care center. The other test results received have been negative and we will share results from today’s testing once we receive them.

Below you will see the number of active and inactive cases we have at each location. The North Dakota Government page gives a total, aggregate number that does not decrease. The numbers on the North Dakota report do not capture the reality of what is happening inside the various facilities it lists. It is a cumulative number that does not account for recoveries, deaths, discharges, and other status changes. Please refer to our updates for accurate information on active cases.


The following is an update of active and inactive cases* at our locations:

Eventide Fargo: 5 active residents, 14 active staff in care center; 1 active staff in senior living apartments; 0 active residents in senior living apartments; 9 inactive residents in care center; 5 inactive staff in care center.

Eventide Sheyenne Crossings in West Fargo: 3 active staff in care center; 0 active residents in care center; 0 active residents or staff in senior living apartments.

Eventide on Eighth in Moorhead: 19 active residents in care center; 17 active staff in care center; 6 inactive residents in care center; 0 active residents or staff cases in senior living apartments.

Eventide Fairmont in Moorhead: No cases.

Eventide Jamestown: No cases.

Eventide Heartland in Devils Lake: No cases.

Eventide Downtown in Devils Lake: 2 active staff; 0 active residents.

Eventide Lake Country Manor in Devils Lake: No cases.

Thank you again to our incredible nurses and all of our #EventideHeroes. Your dedication to caring for our residents is greatly appreciated.


Jon Riewer, President and CEO

*Active cases will include current positive cases in residents and staff. Inactive cases will include resident recoveries, discharges, and those who have passed away, as well as employees who have recovered or left employment. We will not give further information on deaths due to confidentiality and respect for residents and their families.

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