Garnett Holm, “The Blanket Lady,” makes tie-blankets for kids suffering trauma

Garnett Holm, left, shows other residents at The Linden how she creates the blankets she donates.

During the months of the pandemic when residents where encouraged to stay in their apartments, Garnett Holm obliged. She knew the importance of protecting herself against the virus. Although it was the right thing to do, she, like many people across the world, got bored. One of her daughters noticed and helped her find something to keep her busy.

Garnett’s daughter Rachelle works in the Twin Cities at Nexus Family Healing – an organization that helps kids and families dealing with trauma. As part of the organization’s outreach, they provide a blanket to each child they work with. Rachelle asked Garnett if she’d like to make blankets to contribute. Garnett agreed. Neither of them imagined that in the months of the pandemic Garnett would contribute almost 100 blankets!

Garnett says that she enjoys the process of making the blankets, but above all feels blessed when she hears the stories of the comfort the blankets provide the children who receive them.

“It’s been fun to see Mom experience joy and give back. She still has a lot to contribute,” said Rachelle.

Garnett is originally from the Ada/Perley area, but spent much of her life in Hendrum where she raised her seven children. She has lived at The Linden in Moorhead for three years.