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Meet #DifferenceMaker: Eventide Jamestown RN Kylie Tripp

At just 29 years old, night charge nurse Kylie Tripp can already count herself as a longtime Eventide employee—and now a #DifferenceMaker, too. 

An RN at our Eventide Jamestown community, Kylie started working with us nine years ago as a night shift CNA while she worked her way through LPN training and eventually up to RN status. She earned her nursing degree from North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton in 2019. 

Through the years, Kylie has made an impact on both residents and coworkers, so much so that our Jamestown location just isn’t the same when she’s not around. For example, Kylie recently went on an extended vacation and residents wouldn’t stop asking when she’d be back.

Eventide Jamestown night shift staff, from left, Shania, Kylie and Nikki.

“I like to be able to talk with community members and get to know them. Plus, when I have time off for vacation, it’s really nice to hear the residents say, ‘Oh, it’s about time you’re back’ or ‘Don’t take a vacation that long next time.’ ” Kylie said. 

Our Jamestown leadership echoes that sentiment, too. “Kylie has always been a great leader and takes initiative in all she does, and when she’s not here working her regular night shifts, we really miss her,” Amy Dietrich, Eventide Jamestown Resident Care Manager, said. “Kylie has a positive attitude and her influence affects both residents and staff, alike. She brings forth new ideas to make Eventide the best home for our residents.”

Seniors rock

Kylie loves working with retired people and can’t think of devoting her medical career to any other niche. 

“I love providing our residents with whole-living care. I know what kind of snacks they like, I know what they need when even just listening to them,” she said. “Once I started working with seniors, I knew I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Night shift superstar

For all the years Kylie has worked at Eventide, she’s always worked the night shift. It’s not for everyone, but it’s for her. 

Typically, she works from 6:30 p.m. to 7 a.m. The trade-off is night shift workers get four-day weekends — and more quality time with our night-owl residents.

“It’s almost relaxing because there’s a little more time to interact with residents at night. Sometimes in the day, things get super busy and you don’t have as much time just to sit and talk and get to know everyone,” Kylie said.

So, when does she sleep?


“I usually go to bed around 8 a.m. and sleep, then get up around 3,” Kylie said. That gives her enough time to go to the gym, prep her meals and get ready for the work night. “It’s a little backwards, but I like it.”

During her actual shift, Kylie does paperwork and helps CNAs and LPNs assist in bedtime cares any residents may need.

“We also get nighttime treatments ready and usually it starts to quiet down a little around 10:30 when our night shift CNAs come on,” Kylie said.

In the wee hours of the night, the team works on care plan audits, which are nursing plans of care that make sure all residents’ health care needs are documented and updated as needed.

“Day to day, things do change with some residents, and usually it’s also updating doctors on needs and going through orders if there are any,” she added. “We have 82 residents, so it’s busier than it sounds.”

Team members also spend time cleaning chairs and other equipment so everything is ready to go in the morning. 

Kylie and her significant other Jacob enjoy hiking together. The couple recently traversed Black Elk Peak in Custer State Park in South Dakota.

Lifelong Jamestowner

“I tried living in Fargo for six months and worked at Eventide,” Kylie said. “But I missed my residents in Jamestown and then I moved back. A lot of the people in Jamestown I’d taken care of for so many years, and then I started to miss them. My coworkers, too. I’ve always felt that Jamestown is the place for me.”

She and her significant other, Jacob, enjoy camping, hiking and spending time with their “big orange cat” Oranjus and dog Duke. Kylie’s immediate family also lives in the area, including a younger brother and sister.

And she also has her Eventide family, too.

“I love the hands-on aspect of helping residents, and at night we have more freedom to help and take our time,” Kylie said. “The companionship is great, and Eventide is more unique because we have a lot of teamwork. It’s like a family.”

Kylie and her significant other Jacob with their cat Oranjus (pronounced “oranges”) and dog Duke.

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